e-gold mass payer  
Here you can pay many e-gold accounts by one click. Just enter your e-gold account information and click Pay to start mass payment. Do not click the button twice or you may pay twice to a single destination.

Before paying real money, you have to check your e-gold option called Allow To Pay From Which IP following introduction in the README, as well as to check the e-metal balance (Gold/Silver/..) being enough for transactions.

A transaction line must have CSV format such as account,amount,memo or account,amount,"memo". If the memo contains comma (,) you must quoted the memo string by two double-quotes like that "John, Ann, Sean". This case if the memo contains double-quote (") you must double the character like that "This is paid for ""A"" project". Dont forget it.

Payer account

Payer passphrase



Transactions (one per line)
762645, 100, License fee
123514, 100, Clear payables

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